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Eye Movement And Your Brain

Research on eye movement suggests that there are some strange benefits to some eye movements. For example, there seems to be a correlation between eye movement and creativity. And there also seems to be a correlation between eye movement and memory. That’s an interesting finding considering that these eye movements roughly match what you’ll do when you’re reading an actual book. But it’s not the movement you’ll be making when listening to a book on tape, or (in my experience) reading on a computer screen where you tend to move your head not your eyes. Vive la papier!

In Praise Of Boredom

“For thinkers and all sensitive spirits, boredom is that disagreeable  “windless calm” of the soul that precedes a happy voyage an cheerful  winds.” -Nietzsche

In other words, don’t attempt to so fill your hours that you lose the  tine you have in boredom. Creativity springs from daydreams and  daydreams are born of boredom. Inspiration and not sloth comes of  boredom.