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My Indian Experience

Out of India and don’t have time (yet) to fill you in on all the details, but here are the high points.

  • Attended an Indian wedding (reception) with a Bollywood starlet and the son of a prime minister.
  • Toured a wildlife sanctuary. Watched an elephant charge a motorbike. Spotted deer, sambhar, monkeys, bison, lots of birds.
  • Was the guest of the house at a resort on a working coffee, vanilla and pepper plantation.
  • Had to change plans because of a general strike called by the government of one of the states.
  • Had several issues with travel and logistics but wound up where I needed to be without serious incident.
  • Ate a hamburger, Chinese and Indian sweets in the same meal.
  • Experienced life through the eyes of an Indian family as they live it every day with drivers, family time,
  • Learned much more about the politics, languages, cultures and peoples than anyone could be expected to in the short time here.
  • Found out the contrast of meanings between TII (this is India) and true Indian Hospitality.

Update: Now posting my experiences.