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Great Travel Tips Videos

I stumbled across a great set of videos over here on Hulu. It’s Rick Steves’ Europe: Travel Skills Special. This three-part video series takes the viewer on a loop around some of the major countries of Europe. Judging from the first few minutes – all I’ve watched so far – it’s very information dense. It’s also geared, at least the first in the series, toward the novice traveler. That’s not a bad thing, but just don’t expect to get a whole lot out of the first few minutes if you’re a grizzled veteran. For presentation, style and substance I give the videos two thumbs up.

While I’ve always considered Rick to be kind of a dork, he’s my kind of dork. And I’m also secretly jealous of him. He seems to do nothing but travel around the best places in the world, smile, and make pithy comments. How can you not love that?

Nine Tips For Flying

1. Exit rows are for overweight businessmen who haven’t got enough miles for first class.
2. Bring something to distract you from your neighbor in case you don’t feel like talking to them.
3. Ask at the gate for a seat change – you might find something better.
4. Stow your bag according to your priorities. Up top for comfort (a grocery bag for trip items) or under seat for quick deplaning.
5. Get out of the aisle quickly when boarding – step into the seat area while stowing your bag or getting some things out. This way the plane gets prepped and ready to go faster.
6. Seats in the front are quieter than those behind the wings.
7. If you don’t like to fly, the aisle might be better than the window because you won’t feel as boxed in.
8. If you’re afraid to fly, avoid the exit row which tend to remind people of the bad things that can happen on a plane.
9. If you have a special meal request you’ll be served first.