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I Miss Traveling

It snowed about 4″ over the weekend here. It was really cool! It made me  realize that people were right when they said that snow is cool unless  you have to live in it. It’s been too long since I’ve really traveled  anywhere. I went to DC for a few days last week but that wasn’t really much of a trip.

I was a booth babe for Blackhat DC and spent most of my time in the  hotel. I did get to hang out with some cool people from work though.

All week long I was tryin to find a cheap flight somewhere warm.  FLL MIA LAS PHX ABQ SAn Diego, wherever. No luck. So now I’m here in the snow wishing I were somewhere else. I’d even take going farther north where it’s colder and snowier. Just some place different would be good.

Beer Market Shakeup

This is the first year that sales of Bud Light have declined. Is it a better year for good beer? Are other cervezas overtaking the 27-year old product? Well certainly one is – Snow beer in China. And it’s a Miller product. And it’s (also) a terrible beer.

Buried Bike


Sidewalk Cleaning Crew


Snowy Night

Snowy Night

Montpelier at Night


Snowy Liftoff


Snowy Flags