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Poznan, Poland

Poznan Stary Renek Z Wieczorek
It’s just after 10 here and the restaurant is becoming a bar. Poznan is a college town and the weekend starts on Thursday. More cigarettes are lit – Poland still allows people to embrace two vices at once. Ties slinker out, skirts hike up, somewhere a bassline thumps.

I’m eating at an outdoor tapas bar (no, not a topless bar) that has been bustling for a half hour. Gas flames fuel the night but soon the patrons will file inside and to the basement down the stairs that are likely to be narrow and somewhat uneven, leaving the patio a lonelier place.

But I’m working tomorrow. Maybe I won’t go to Berlin tomorrow night after all. I’m not ready yet to leave this country, and Poznan is a great place to make a last stand.