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Dublin Hits & Misses

This one’s been sitting around for a while just waiting for me to finish it. I don’t think I ever will, so here it is. Forgive me if it sucks.

Hogans – good atmosphere, cool environment, etc.
Fibber Magee’s – don’t let the music offend you, it’s a cool bar.
Place with rooftop bar – rooftop bar, probably great for sunset!
Guinness Brewery – very cool architecture and interactive tour.
Staunton’s on the Green – cheap hotel in a great neighborhood.
North of the Liffey – people are more interesting, not as crowded or pretentious.

Brussels & Flanders – go to Fibber Magee’s instead for your death metal.
Palace Bar – told me they weren’t serving while taking orders from other people.
Jameson Distillery – letdown after Guinness

Liffey Sunrise