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There is Only One Bar in Holbrook, Arizona

Actually there are two bars in Holbrook, Arizona. Maybe there are more, but I haven’t seen the inside of them. After getting done with a job in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I had some time so I went off to visit a friend in Holbrook. It’s a little town whose claim to fame seems to be that it is the closest city to Petrified Forest National Park, both of which are in the middle of the Painted Desert. It’s also about 100mi from Meteor Crater and about 150mi from the Grand Canyon. It would be a cool place to hang out for a day or two if you’re going to be out that way. I recommend the Motel 6 there; it’s undergoing extensive room renovations (the new ones look great!) and they just put in a pool. Make sure to say hi to Russ, John, and Danielle. Ask them about the bar(s).

Albuquerque has three restaurants I wanted to mention: 66 Diner, The Library, and Il Vicino. The Library has one main attraction and that is the waitresses. I am not a big fan of places like that typically, but places like that typically aren’t staffed by beautiful women from the University of New Mexico. They’re stunning. Maybe it was just the halo effect, but I thought the food there wasn’t bad. Try the Jules Verne.

At Il Vicino, the sensory overload is in the mouth and nose. They make what is probably the best pizza I have ever had: the Campagnola. It was complemented well by the beer they brew themselves. I could say more about the place, but I’ll just end up drooling all over the keyboard. That place is a must if you’re in town.

If you’re interested in Route 66 memorabilia, stop into the 66 Diner, where you’ll find that the only thing thicker than the kitch is the milkshakes. Grab a seat at the bar and watch the decades old blenders whirl up some of the best tasting shakes you will ever have. They must pump out a million of those things a year. The poor guy making them when I was there could hardly keep up and the place wasn’t too full. People would stop by just to get a shake to go. They’re worth it.