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Americans’ Heaven Not Just For Christians

I stumbled across this nugget of news and I had to pass it along. According to the majority of Americans, Heaven is not just reserved for Christians. That is according to a couple of studies done by the Pew Research Center. In other words, for our European friends, most Americans are not fanatical evangelical Christians. That is something that many Europeans have asked me when I’ve been traveling. I guess that’s how we’re portrayed in the media over there, as backward barbarians – probably just before discussing the body count of the latest “football” stampedes.

I’m not saying that Americans have no problems or that Europeans aren’t also good people. But this is something that’s always bothered me about what Europeans think of Americans. Everyone on each side of the Atlantic (and across the globe really) should remember that what they see on TV and in the papers isn’t always necessarily reality. Everybody has a perspective and those often make their way into an article or report.

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