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Athena And The Fates Intervene

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The Greeks begged me to stay another day here. Technically I guess it was Delta, but the people who asked were Greek. Apparently the flight was over weight so they were looking for people to take the one the next day.

So here’s the package they gave me. $1,000 in Delta credit. I’ll probably be in First Class tomorrow. 1 night at the Sofitel Hotel – a nice place 50 yards from the terminal. And an extra day of travel. How could I say no? So I said yes!

See you Atlantans tomorrow!

Very cool!

This is one of the coolest uses of technology I’ve seen. Thanks, Delta!

Delta AirLines


2007.12.21: This photo was taken in the “E” concourse at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I was there this afternoon and they removed the letters from the wall.