All Quiet On The Western Front

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything that you’re probably thinking I forgot how. Or that I’ve been doing nothing exciting worth writing about. No, no it’s the opposite! I’ve been that busy doing cool stuff. I’ve got a couple of topics to come that I wanted to let you know about – and commit to them publicly so that I have to do them at some point.

American Tourister – Wherein our protagonist travels America with a tourist and sees things through her eyes. Locations include: Atlanta and its tourist sites, Disney World, Charleston South Carolina, San Antonio Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, New York City and Boston Massachusetts. I won’t be able to stop myself from giving some commentary myself on some of those places.

You’re A Peon – I’m headed back to Europe for work, this time for 5 weeks straight! I’ll be spending a couple of weeks in Dublin, one in Poland (Warsaw and Poznan) and one in Frankfurt (am Main, not am Oder – in case you’re wondering). The remaining week I may be able to float around a little bit and see some other places or I may decide just to immerse myself somewhere and absorb the culture.


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