Just Like Shooting Wamp Rats

If you’re a Star Wars aficionado, you recognize the title of this post. It’s a reference to when Luke Skywalker and all the other pilots are sitting around trying to hit the magical hole that will blow up the Death Star. The hole is very small and the crafts that they’ll be flying are moving very fast. A comment is made that not even a computer could hit the hole in that situation. Why do I bring this up? Bathrooms on a train.
Let me explain. Many of the toilets here are little more than holes in the ground. They are like this on trains. It saves time and effort when cleaning — you can just hose down the whole area. But it means you have to squat down on the ground hugging your knees when performing certain bodily functions. So when you’re on a train going over 100kph, trying to hit a hole that’s about 4″ across….just like shooting wamp rats.

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