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I always enjoy talking to everyone when I return from a long journey, but I find that the stories tend to lose something each time I retell them. With time, the adventures coalesce and condense from the foggy haze of repeated remembrances and diminishing memories. I end up skipping the nuances and just talking about the most vivid things. Detailed retellings of the adventures is impossible and I find myself continually hitting only the high points while neglecting the subtleties that make the experiences truly come to life.

Crafting the tales soon after they happen will let me retell each experience perfectly and will allow others to see things as I have seen them without the images softening and changing in my mind. I can discuss the travails without foreknowledge of the upturn in the story. I can talk about how things affect me and how it feels to be in the situations in which I frequently find myself. This gives a more authentic patina to the topic that would not be otherwise possible.

Whenever I am planning a trip, I am barraged with requests to stay in touch, bring others along, take lots of pictures, or let people know how it was. This blog will allow all of these requests to be more than fulfilled. People will be able to follow my path and to share the experiences with me and my travel companions. It will be like you, dear reader, are there with me along the route to recap the events of the day or the week. It is my hope that the events will be as tangible for you as they are for me.

About Beau Woods

Beau Woods is a cyber safety innovation fellow with the Atlantic Council, a leader with the I Am The Cavalry grassroots initiative, and founder/CEO of Stratigos Security. His focus is the intersection of cybersecurity and the human condition, primarily around cyber safety, ensuring connected technology that can impact life and safety is worthy of our trust. Over the past several years in this capacity, he has consulted with automakers, medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, cybersecurity researchers, US federal agencies and legislative staff, and the White House.

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  1. if you really want us to truly feel that we are there with you, then you are going to need to brush up on your scatalogical adjectives since that will certainly be one aspect of your travel experience. Though I’m pretty sure none of us want a blow-by-blow recounting.pun intended.

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